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Urgent Appeal from Michigan!
Today, we learned that there were two lakes this week that had petitioned and PAID the USDA to shoot the mute swans on their lakes. These lakes were Kent County's, Lincoln Lake and Newaygo County's, Ryerson Lake. 53 swans were shot on Lincoln Lake and 39 were shot on Ryerson Lake. The articles are below. The DNR now has their REASON TO KILL THE MUTE SWAN brochure available on their website, along with their management plan, which states the rules for petitions, killing, and disposal. Unfortunately, with winter coming and lakes freezing, the mute swans will be flying to wherever there is open water, which will make them "Sitting Ducks"for easy killing. Since, according to the news, the USDA is getting paid by petitioners to do these killing, you can bet, there will be many more swan slaughters in our state this winter.
It is now more important than ever that we get the word out about what is happening to these swans. Please if you can pass this along to anyone and everyone. We have tried to get the information out the best that we can, but we can't seem to get people to believe that this is actually happening in our state. Maybe if they read these articles, they will finally catch on that these killings are actually happening. We still have the petition link

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