Currently, the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife oversees wildlife rehabilitation, including the wildlife rehabilitator permitting process.
However, there has been a significant decline in the number of wildlife rehabilitators within the State due to apparent and real conflicts with
the Division.  As a result, Bills A3695 and S2740 have been introduced to the New Jersey Legislature. This legislation, along with your much needed support, will help create the “Wildlife Rehabilitation Act”.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Act will establish an eleven member Wildlife Rehabilitation Board in, but not of, the NJ Department of Environmental
Protection. The Board shall be distinct and separate from the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife and shall have full power and responsibility for
providing professional oversight; permitting of wildlife rehabilitators;   developing the Wildlife Rehabilitator Apprentice Program and continuing education programs.

“The Wildlife Rehabilitation Board, in consultation with the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association, shall establish a wildlife
rehabilitation permit, and shall develop the process and educational requirements necessary for an applicant to become a permitted wildlife rehabilitator.”

“Volunteer wildlife rehabilitators demonstrate an interest in helping orphaned or injured wildlife and are an asset to communities all over
the State, providing an outlet for the public by responding to calls for help  from veterinarians, police departments and State Police, fire
departments, the United States Coast Guard, animal control officers, and private individuals, and rehabilitating thousands of animals each year.”

“It is in the best interest of the State to increase the number of wildlife rehabilitators and wildlife rehabilitation facilities located
throughout the State by: creating an environment that encourages volunteers; eliminating any apparent and real conflicts with the Division of Fish and Wildlife; working with animal rescue groups, veterinarians, animal shelters, animal control officers, and others to establish fair and reasonable training and licensing requirements and educational programs; and supporting wildlife rehabilitation goals that protect the health and wellbeing of citizens and wildlife in this State.”

                                           To read Bills A3695 and S2740 in their entirety, click on the following
                                           web sites:

                                           Please contact your legislators as soon as possible to help guarantee
                                           that the “Wildlife Rehabilitation Act” becomes a reality.  Your support is
                                           greatly appreciated, thank you.

Details  of the proposed Wildlife Rehabilitation Act

                 Guidelines to assist you in voicing your support for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Act.

Legislation Senate Bill S2740 and Assembly Bill A3695 are most important to the wildlife and citizens in the State of NJ. Presently
the number of wildlife rehabilitators has reduced dramatically. This is due to NJ Fish & Wildlife running the program into the ground. 

What is needed is individual residents of New Jersey to call their local Senate and Assembly legislators and ask them to support S2740 and
A3695.  There also needs to be calls put into the members of the committee in the Senate and Assembly which are responsible for the
legislative hearings.

If you are interested in saving our wildlife please email or call the legislature. Please do not use any organizational names as this must
come from the constituents of the legislators which reside throughout the state of NJ, and are concerned about having professional wildlife
rehabilitators available in their communities.

Maybe yourself, child, family, or friend had a wildlife encounter. A raccoon, opossum, baby rabbit or bird was found. There was no wildlife
rehabilitator located in the community to help or give advise on what to do with the animal.  Maybe the individual thought about caring for
the animal themselves but did not know how to handle the animal, or how to care for it. This situation is not good for the person, or the
animal.  It is a matter of public safety, and animal welfare.

Please emphasize to the legislators the importance of voting "yes" on this legislation. Focus only on the purpose of the Bill.  Some may want
to voice their thoughts about prior experiences with state officials, please save that for another day, taking the focus off of the positive
effects of the legislation will only squash any chance for it to pass, and save our wildlife.

It is all of our responsibilities to do what we can as individuals to make positive changes for all people and animals in this state. Please
have your family, and friends individually contact their local legislatures in support of S2740 and A3695.

                                        Thank you for helping save our wildlife!

To find your local Senate and Assembly legislature go to

Senate Committee Environmental and Energy:

Senator Bob Smith (Chairman)                    (732)752-0770
Senator Robert M. Gordon (Vice Chairman)  (201)703-9779
Senator Christopher Bateman                     (908)526-3600
Senator Linda R. Greenstein                       (609)395-9911
Senator Jennifer Beck                                (732)933-1591

Assembly Committee Agricultural and Natural Resources:

Assemblyman Nelson T. Albano (Chairman)  (609)465-0700
Assemblywoman Celeste M. Riley (Vice Chair) (856)455-1011
Assemblman John F. Amodeo                        (609)677-8266
Assemblyman Ronald S. Dancer                    (732)901-0702
Assemblyman Gilbert L. Wilson                     (856)742-7600

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