Mute Swans in New Jersey
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             Concern is increasing over anti-mute swan legislation.

    Recently the law has changed in North Carolina regarding Mute Swan ownership.
    It is now illegal to place swans in any public waterway, including parks, ponds and lakes.  Swans can and most likely will be removed from these type of situations.

  If you are aware of this type of situation please contact us so we may assist with removal and placement. 

    All mute swans must now be pinioned on your land.  If you own swans you have until January 2009 to have them pinioned.  Although there is no enforcement provision I am trying to find out what there will be in the way of fines or punishment.  If you already have swans you must contact a veterinarian to have the pinioning done under anesthesia.

I am attaching the reference to the new law for you to read.
                        Wild Birds Defined

The English sparrow (Passer domesticus), pigeon (Columba livia), mute swan
(Cygnus olor), and starling (Sturnus vulgaris) are specifically excluded from
the definition of "wild birds" contained in G.S. 113-129(15a).
 RELEASE OF Mute Swans

It is unlawful for any individual to release any mute swan (Cygnus olor) into
the public waters of North Carolina.  Any individual who releases a mute swan to privately controlled waters must ensure that the animal has been pinioned. 
Individuals who currently possess or confine mute swans on their property must pinion all mute swans on their property by January 1, 2009.  For the purposes of this Rule privately controlled waters is defined as:  a body of water lying wholly upon a single tract of privately owned land or a body of water lying entirely within private property, even if that property is comprised of multiple tracts owned by one or multiple individuals.  In addition, privately controlled waters are waters to which the public does not have access without permission of one or more of the private landowners surrounding the water(s).


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Rescued Racoon
Feeding baby bird
Injured raptor
Baby squirrel
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Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year with the Mute Swan family of ten
enjoying Prospect Park Lake.
These cygnets joined their 3
siblings that were rescued from barbed hooks and 
lures, practicing take-offs and landings. 
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dead swans
Some of the bodies of 52 swans in garbage bags being hauled away by workers in Western Michigan where officials plan to kill 13,000 mute swans over the next 20 years. Contact us for more information and who to contact to help.  
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Photo of injured swan.
New York Endangered Swan
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 Urgent Efforts to Save Swans

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New York State has announced a plan to completely eliminate Mute Swans in New York State by the year 2025!

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